Coffee Talk and Writer Secrets #3

Here it is, the next Tuesday of June. I’ve been mulling over what we could put in today’s Blog all weekend. Should I go into the audio studio downstairs? And why I’ve not recorded audio in it, yet? Nope. Didn’t make pictures. Should I talk about “Tarina” and the changes therein? Nope, not enough good stuff, yet. What about the other two works-in-progress? (One’s a contemporary shifter story; and one is a historical! ~bounce~bounce~) Hm. That might be good.

But then! Darlene Reilley: Freelance Writer, Novelist, and Anthropological Renaissance Woman:  sent out this most excellent Blog that pretty much says not only everything I should be doing TODAY. But what needs to be said over and over again. If you’re a writer. (And you’re me.)

So, here she is, folks!


Source: Coffee Talk and Writer Secrets #3

Presenting Guest Blogger: Ella -Mazing

Well, I didn’t win. Which is probably a good thing! Now I can get on with my life.2017 EBook_finalist-LG (1)(Congratulations to all those deserving winners, though! Kudos!)

Actually, like I told my friend, Ella, I’ve been slacking badly this year. The blog was supposed to be a weekly Tuesday event! Well … monthly at the least. Without going into great detail, I now add my voice to the proponents of Physical Therapy. Thank you! I can sit for more than 15 minutes at a time, which lends itself to better, more productive writing. Seriously.Writing Fanfic

Ella agreed and said that – at least until she gets her own blog up and running – she would be a guest blogger for me at least once a month. Maybe more. smilieface

She didn’t want it to be all about writing. I can’t say that I blame her. Most writers do have lives outside of the word processor. She doesn’t want to hear about it all the time, and she doesn’t want to read about it all the time, and she, by gosh, has other things to say.

She’s an efficient, organization, economic maven. When you’re a stay at home mom, you sort of need to be. I hear. I know I would make a terrible, bedraggled, unorganized stay at home anything.

My people prefer the term “Randomly Organized.” We know who we are.MessyDesk1

Plus my kids would hate me. She knows how to get around all that and just “do it.” She’s legit organized. And she’ll demonstrate family time that mean something, even with a tight budget. Such as today’s picnic material.

So without further ado, it’s a pleasure to bring you:

Ella’s Elements on Efficiency and Economy

(or How to Be Organized and Maintain That budget and STILL Be a Cool Mom!)


The Perfect Picnic!

We’ve all heard the tales: Having a “perfect” picnic complete with the designer picnic basket, embroidered table cloth, matching napkins, and a slew of gourmet delicacies.


Right! Let’s talk about a realistic, fantastic, colorful picnic that makes everyone feel special on a budget!

Get an old blanket – the best kind is the one too worn to keep you warm but, you love that blanket! There’s your table cloth. Mine’s an old quilt where the patches are starting to fray.quiltNapkins? Walmart sells these super colorful bandannas. The ones with the old paisley designs that are like a buck a piece or less? Go crazy! Napkin rings on the cheap? Toilet paper rolls with yarn or even strips of cloth wrapped around the cardboard. Hot glue the edges and add a sea shell or a bow for that little something. It’s just fun.

Don’t want to waste on disposable utensils? Use the ones you’ve got. Put them in a baggie and wash them when you get home. Plus Dollar Tree has cheap {“Everything’s a Dollar”}, reusable plates or bring some from the cabinet. You can use your napkins in between them to protect them.

A plastic laundry basket is perfect for holding everything you’ll need. Fill a half-gallon milk jug with water and freeze overnight for an ice pack. Place meat and cheese next to the frozen jug. Make sure to include a favorite for everyone. Favorite cookie, chip, fruit, whatever. Cut fruit into large cubes and skewer it. Drizzle it with clear soda or lemon juice to preserve. A container of cheese cubes with regular toothpicks to stab them will work just fine.  Dress up juice bags, soda cans, drink boxes with a ribbon tied around it. Why? Because it’s fun.hamperTake an extra baggie to put the ribbons in for using again. Intimate picnic? Well, they can happen. Bring mini marshmallows, toothpicks, and a little candle for your own little marshmallow toasting. (Yes, the toothpicks work marvelously!) Cover the basket with your blanket.

toothpicks    marshmallows         candle

You don’t have to have lots of money or expensive equipment to have the perfect picnic.