Coffee Talk and Writer Secrets #3

Here it is, the next Tuesday of June. I’ve been mulling over what we could put in today’s Blog all weekend. Should I go into the audio studio downstairs? And why I’ve not recorded audio in it, yet? Nope. Didn’t make pictures. Should I talk about “Tarina” and the changes therein? Nope, not enough good stuff, yet. What about the other two works-in-progress? (One’s a contemporary shifter story; and one is a historical! ~bounce~bounce~) Hm. That might be good.

But then! Darlene Reilley: Freelance Writer, Novelist, and Anthropological Renaissance Woman:  sent out this most excellent Blog that pretty much says not only everything I should be doing TODAY. But what needs to be said over and over again. If you’re a writer. (And you’re me.)

So, here she is, folks!


Source: Coffee Talk and Writer Secrets #3


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