From the Files: Organizing Your Home Office

Dar Writes

Editing Process and FunGood morning, writers! Do you ever get the urge to clean everything around your workspace? I finally have my in box under control. This week’s DarWrites topic is organization. I’ve spent the last few days getting an office makeover. A fellow freelancer asked me why I redo my office yearly; I asked why not. I’m at my desk for at least eight hours a day; why shouldn’t I make my office a place of creativity, inspiration, and organization?

With that in mind, I cleared everything out of the in basket, refilled the filing cabinet, and came up with a new inbox strategy. Between the new office setup and my planner, I’ve got a decent setup. Here are a few ideas for your home office that have worked successfully in mine. Try them out; you may find a new strategy that works for you.

I’m a piler; I love stacks of…

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and then EPIC happened

So, all of the blog posting for this week got derailed since about 2:30 a.m.

this morning when I woke up and found THIS in my email!


I am so far beyond thrilled, I don’t think I’ve come down, yet.

I may even buy a bottle of wine. Real wine.

The kind that tastes bad but everyone says is very good wine.

Oh! Maybe a BOX of wine is in order!!!